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Transcript Is, wal-Mart Good For America?
of retailers, about saying, "One of the advantages we, as big box retailers, have is we can put the hammer to the manufacturers. Gary gereffi, Duke University: It used to be that manufacturers big multi-national manufacturers had the most power, companies like General Motors and General Electric. Like I said, I worry about whether or not I'll be able to find work with, you know, comparable wages and benefits and just what the future will. Had a record 120 billion trade deficit with China last year, and it's headed even higher this year.

Today, I think that global retailers actually have become the most powerful companies in the global economy. Gary gereffi, Duke University: Rubbermaid represented an innovation-oriented high road towards.S. The next one's China. Thema in der bersicht. RON wunsch, Former Mayor, Circleville: Job opportunities for the kids coming out of high school in this area today are very much lower than they were 10 years ago. Armin Wolf befragte ihn dazu zu lang, wie er meint.

For example, this.87 microwave oven. Ohne gekonnten Einsatz von Fragetechniken wird das Interview eher zu einem lockeren Gesprch, in dem lediglich Gedanken ausgetauscht werden. Hedrick smith: Why not? He did it, he succeeded. Well, within a short period of time, Wal-Mart really, within a year they were our largest customer. And it's very high-pressure, hedrick smith: Have you ever been in that situation, where you had to bid, three or four people in the same room? Hedrick smith: The Chinese suppliers also learned just how tough Wal-Mart can. Trade policy, or trade flows, one way or another, don't have an effect on overall employment numbers. There's not much negotiation at all. It's putting people out of work, that's what it's doing.

Kenneth chan, Hong Kong Entrepreneur: It's the opening of China. Semistrukturiertes Interview durchfhren, ein semistrukturiertes bzw. On camera Where're the buyers from? It is now the model not just for retailing but for companies all across the corporate landscape. Hedrick smith: voice-over With its own supercomputer, Wal-Mart streamlined its supply chain, speeding delivery from plant to store shelf. I said, "Hold. But nothing says there are more winners than losers, and nothing says that for the bottom three fourths of America, that they are net gainers.

In der Praxis sind Interviews hufig Mischformen. Hedrick smith, frontline, correspondent: The Chinese guys bought the big machine? And when they opened up to Western businesses, the floodgates opened, basically, and it's something that you just can't stop. Dabei muss die befragte Person keinen Expertenstatus haben. Stanley gault: When I came to Rubbermaid, they did not sell Wal-Mart. And that 20 mark seemed to be the like, the threshold. Market through large retailers like Wal-Mart. A few brands come to mind, like Apex. Gary gereffi: Wal-Mart is providing a gateway into the American economy for overseas suppliers in China and elsewhere, and it's doing it on a scale that is unprecedented. Interviewformen im Vergleich Hufig gestellte Fragen Was ist ein semistrukturiertes Interview?

Randy strutz: We started to see more finished Chinese components coming into the market. Hedrick smith: In three short years, Chinese TV makers had grabbed one third of the high-end market, about 350 million of business. And there's no opportunity for that. Staff: Good morning, Matt! TOM hopson: Why would an American company fight American companies and American jobs unless it was for their own profit? Yvonne smith: We're exporting waste paper, containers full of waste paper. And you know, all of a sudden, you had this end pressure on the retail price driven largely by the Chinese producers. On camera What side did Wal-Mart come down on? Hedrick smith: on camera But it was already too late for other.S.-based TV suppliers, like that Thomson plant in Circleville, Ohio. Steve ratcliff: I've done this job for the last 30, almost 31 years, and it's become my life.

I mean, this is what this town is all about. It serves the purpose of saying, "This is what they want, and they want to buy it at this price." Therefore, that's what we'd better be doing, our little company. Hedrick smith: The boom seemed endless. Interest and fees paid to the credit card companies, 101 billion. In what's now known as Vendorville, I found a Who's Who of Wal-Mart vendors. We know what we think it'll be going forward, based on its trend. Nachteile Interviewende haben einen hohen Einfluss auf den Verlauf des Interviews und sollten sich daher sorgfltig auf das Gesprch und ihren Gegenber vorbereiten Das Interview und die Vorbereitung ist mit einem groen Zeitaufwand verbunden. Vorteile Du gewinnst neue Erkenntnisse im Bereich deiner Forschungsfrage. An diesen Fragen kannst du dich an einem Leitfaden whrend deines Interviews orientieren.

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