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Bachelor thesis - Theses - BWL: Technology and Innovation
of scientific journals which are available in electronic form. The presentation usually takes place 1-2 weeks after the hand-in. Admission Within three days after the application deadline, students will be informed via e-mail whether their thesis application has been successful or not. The partner agrees without reservation that the results of the work may be published, if necessary in anonymous form.

IBWL study program (starting with the official registration at the examination office). Additionally, during the kick-off event students will learn which academic advisors they have been assigned to and there will be an introduction presentation on IS research and academic writing. Successfully passed an examination of one lecture of the chair. The bachelor thesis can be written in English or German. In case any questions remain that cannot be answered by the information provided in the following, please contact. For students, this can lead to a tension between the different expectations and therefore to significant additional effort in order to fulfill the expectations for all sides and at the same time clarify legal questions under time pressure. 4.10 Final presentation Following the hand-in of the thesis, a final presentation date is assigned to every student.

Important Dates, application deadline for Master theses: November 8, 2020,.59h to apply for a thesis during the winter term. All documents, which have been gathered from the Internet as PDF files, particularly websites. For the current (upcoming) application period, the Digicampus group can be accessed via this link during the application period: Master Theses, joining the Digicampus is not restricted,.e. As part of the Bachelor thesis, students are supposed to learn how to empirically replicate and eventually extend a scientific paper in the field of Technology, Innovation and start-up management. . Those who have been accepted, will receive further information about the kick-off event. As crucial details for the further proceeding are presented at the kick-off event, participation at the kick-off event is mandatory. Failing to do so will result in the cancellation of the thesis supervision. You have successfully participated in at least one of our lectures (New Media Marketing, Services Marketing, Value Based Marketing, Advanced Services Marketing or Advanced Value Based Marketing) and one of our seminars (ideally a research seminar).

Application, for each academic year (summer and winter semester) there are two start dates and two application periods, respectively: Beginning of summer semester, beginning of winter semester. Information Privacy, personal IT and IT Consumerization, sharing Economy and Gig Economy. Corporate Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial Finance, if you were chosen to write your Bachelor Thesis at our department, you will receive a list of all topics during the Kick-off meeting. . Information for Wipd BA Thesis: Topic Priority: by 8th February, announcement of Topic Allocation: 24th February. Successfully passed a research seminar (Advanced Management Information Systems or Information Systems Research) proved through studis transcript; if the seminar was not taken at the chair, the research focus of the seminar paper may be subject to verification by the chair. Objective, based on a successfully passed research seminar, in which students had to closely engage with academic literature and learn to work scientifically, the objective of a final thesis at the chair is as follows: The objective. The same applies for Master theses of other study programs (cf. Participation in the interim presentation is mandatory. It is necessary to coordinate the following with the practice partner and the supervisor of the chair of the desired subject area at an early stage and before applying for a master's thesis: what role will the practice partner.

The successful completion of the orientation phase is necessary in order to be accepted for the Bachelor thesis. As you can see, these are not related exclusively to the content of the Marketing I course. Topics for final theses, the topics for theses are taken from the research areas of the chair and its team. Dissatisfied Customers Slow Death or Valuable Insights? Note that incomplete applications will not be processed. Current transcript of records (with average grade). Please note: It is the students responsibility to have the thesis registered within the prescribed time period (within a week after the disposition). First meeting with academic advisor Following the kick-off event, it is the responsibility of the students to contact and schedule a first meeting with their academic advisors within a week. . All other documents (e.g.

Important Dates, application deadline for Bachelor theses: November 8, 2020,.59h to apply for a thesis during the winter term. Bachelor students are encouraged to write a conceptual thesis within two months. Additional information regarding the faculty cluster's central application process for admission to bachelor thesis is available on the cluster's website. Please note that you will find hints and templates for the thesis in the Digicampus course (after successful registration). You will then have the opportunity to rank the topics according to your preference. . Business Model Innovations, open Innovation, entrepreneurial Marketing, social Entrepreneurship.

An empirical thesis might involve the empirical testing of theoretical relationships between constructs that have not previously been tested or investigating the psychometric properties of an existing measurement scale. Additional constructs might include new dependent, independent, mediating, and/or moderating variables. 4.11 Others The chair provides templates for formating and citing. This presentation offers all students of one cohort the opportunity to present the current state of their theses, and to discuss existing difficulties and challenges which students may have encountered while working on their theses. The point of time of joining the group has no influence on the final admission (no first-come-first-served). Type of Theses, a conceptual thesis might involve the identification and definition of additional constructs that are added to an already existing conceptual framework. Janina Kleine to ask for supervision possibilities of your master thesis.

The process of a Master thesis ideally takes the following course (given date specifications apply to the current / upcoming application period University of Augsburg, in the following, the distinct steps and their deadlines are described in detail. For further questions please contact Mengmeng Niu. You will need to sort them by preference during the application process: Artificial Intelligence, crowdfunding and ICOs, digital Business and Digital Platforms, digital Entrepreneurship and Business Models. Official Deadline: 20th April, 12:00 noon. Kick-off seminar for Bachelor theses: November 16, 2020,.00h -.00h.

Through the Digicampus group, students are provided with further instructions and an application template. Interested in writing a bachelor or master thesis? All remaining (hardcopy) documents need to be preserved and made available upon request until the thesis grade has been communicated. For time limits of other study programs, see the corresponding examination rules. More precisely, the students task is to make themselves more familiar with a current research question, work up the field of literature and to empirically evaluate the conceptual model of a specific research Project. However, our experience with past cooperations has shown that certain requirements must be met to be successful: Only master's theses (not bachelor's theses) are supervised with practice partners. Application Process, to apply for writing a master thesis at our chair, please use the master thesis application form below. As the start of writing time can be determined individually by master students, there will be no kick-off session for master theses. BWL-Track can be found here, and topics for, wiPd students can be found here. Master students with an interest in an empirical thesis will also be preferred.

Submission Within the time limit every student is required to hand in the following materials: Via E-Mail: The thesis as PDF and DOC(X) file prior to the physical hand-in. Why do these requirements exist? This site provides information for students interested in writing their Master thesis at the chair. Interim presentation Approximately two months after the official registration (i.e. Please note that special emphasis is put on independently and scientific methods. You are interested in high quality research and in combining scientific rigor with practical relevance.

Joining the Digicampus group solely serves the purpose of entering the application process; being a member of the group, however, does not automatically lead to a final admission. During the first meeting, possible thesis topics are discussed related to the allocated topic. Please kindly refer to the research statement of the chair. Current bachelor thesis topics for those students enrolled in the. The objective is to present and discuss ones final results at the chair and with fellow theses students. However, we offer several individually scheduled appointments during the writing time. This allows an early integration into the respective research and project work of the department. Moreover, all literature for theses is written in English language. Please check the Digicampus course after successful application.

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