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BWL Programme Structure - TU Kaiserslautern
masters programme in Public Policy and Human Development emphasises the connection between public policy and decision-making processes, or in other words, the effectiveness and efficiency of governance. You will investigate the ongoing transformations in media studies and develop the skills to participate in these innovations. It focusses on the development and production techniques of novel, biobased materials that are necessary for the transition to a sustainable economy. What determines the effectiveness of a team?

No Can the e-learning elements be taken without signing up for the course of study? Youll also have the opportunity to do a clinical internship and a research internship, where youll obtain essential skills in the areas of diagnostics, interventions and research. Then Human Movement Sciences could be just the programme for you. The curriculum of the Master's programme comprises a core module in economics and law, three main subjects in economics, seminars and a research project. See the whole programme Global Health EN The masters programme in Global Health focuses on the complexities of global health and its relation to technological innovation and social, political and economic change. See the whole programme Law and Labour NL The masters programme in Law and Labour has two specialisations. As an intern, youll work in hospitals and clinics and will perform preparatory scientific research. Youll also develop the professional skills needed for an international career in economics, business or policymaking.

See the whole programme Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience EN This selective master provides six top training specialisations in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience for students aiming to become high-level researchers in academia, or envisioning a career in industrial, governmental. No, joint degree / double degree programme. Then Mental Health is the programme youre looking for. Specialisations, cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (Research). Youll learn how to develop and evaluate health education and promotion initiatives and youll develop communication strategies to disseminate these programmes to various audiences. In the area of management, you can specialise in: Innovation Entrepreneurship, marketing, Strategy Leadership, operations Supply Chain Management. You will learn about the psychology of people who come into contact with the law, and will receive the specialised skills training you need to work in this diverse, complex and challenging field. Having knowledge of how technical development and production processes are designed enables managers to assess the situation and make sound decisions accordingly. Are you interested in how new techniques are used in the collection of critical evidence and which laws must be adhered to in this process?

Our application wizard will guide you step by step through the online application procedure. Furthermore, our students can find a lot of relevant learning materials on the Moodle online learning platform. We offer a range of support services to help students along this path, for example: An online job board, which provides details of current openings at companies - full-time jobs as well as internships, working student jobs, project studies, student. Electives in Management and Technology, advanced International Experience, master's thesis. Specialisations Physician Clinical Investigator NL This programme information is only offered in Dutch. Depending on your interests, you can either specialise in Adult Psychopathology or Child and Adolescent Psychopathology. However, if you don't have any previous knowledge in engineering and/or natural sciences, the programme allows you to gain basic skills in your selected engineering and/or natural sciences option (minor). In this master programme, you will explore how disruptive technologies will significantly impact our society and you will gain expertise on topics such as ethical algorithms and machine morality. See the whole programme Areas of interest: Programme duration: Language of instruction: Faculty: Starts in: Format. See the whole programme MaastrichtMBA EN MaastrichtMBA is an international, state-of-the-art, two-year part-time master programme targeted at professionals worldwide who would like to advance their management and leadership skills to boost their career and broaden their knowledge of business administration.

At the beginning of your studies, you select one out of seven specialisations currently offered in the management area. Costs of living In order to cover personal expenses while studying in Munich, we recommend that students budget amounts at least 900 EUR per month for accommodation, living, health insurance, books, and miscellaneous expenses. In addition to accepted English language proficiency certificates across TUM study programmes, applicants can prove their English language knowledge with a previous university degree that was taught and assessed in English entirely or at least 12 ects thereof, including your final thesis. Those questions dont respect borders: European borders are fading and businesses and people can move freely. See the whole programme Specialisations Governance and Leadership in European Public Health EN This programme is the perfect choice for anyone with an interest in European public health policies. See the whole programme Specialisations Executive Master in Cultural Leadership See the whole programme Financial Economics EN The masters in Financial Economics brings together expertise in finance, general economics and quantitative techniques in a multidisciplinary approach not found elsewhere. It is a multi-disciplinary, research-based and practice-oriented programme that will prepare you for a career in European or EU-related public affairs and public service.

This programme information is only offered in Dutch. This highly practical programme will train you to unravel the molecular mechanisms in health and disease and will teach you how these insights can benefit patients. You will combine insights from forensic psychology, accounting and medicine with principles of law. See the whole programme, data Science for Decision Making,. In the masters in Arts and Heritage, you will approach art and heritage from different perspectives. Youll learn to use techniques from statistics, mathematics and computer science to solve complex problems for governments, financial institutions, logistics companies and other organisations. See the whole programme, dutch Law, nL The masters programme in Dutch Law is a very broad programme with numerous electives.

See the whole programme Politics and Society NL EN As a masters student in Politics and Society, you will gain insights into contemporary politics and will get a better understanding of the professional role that you can. Furthermore, the strict separation of different departments within a company is dissolving. Besides your individually selected core modules in the areas of management and technology, you have additional electives that allow you to shape your personal profile even further. The pre-master's programme for Learning and Development in Organisations programme is a transfer programme for students of Universities of Applied Sciences who wish to obtain a university master's degree in Learning and Development in Organisations. Both include different specialisation options to choose from. 129.40 EUR per semester. The masters programme in Data Science for Decision Making focuses on providing you with the mathematical tools to extract meaningful information from large datasets.

The programme is designed to meet you at your current academic stage. Specialisations International Executive Master of Finance and Control EN See the whole programme International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology EN Which working conditions help prevent mental fatigue? The same goes for the area of technology: depending on your previously gained knowledge, you can choose from six different specialisation options. Or would you like to do research into psychological disorders? This masters programme is also offered in Dutch. See the whole programme Medicine NL In the masters programme in Medicine, youll receive an extensive introduction to the practice of healthcare. Youll have the opportunity to personalise your degree and specialise in a topic that fits your interests and ambitions. . Please also apply via TUMonline starting 1 April for the following winter semester or 1 November for the following summer semester. See the whole programme Forensic Psychology EN The masters programme Forensic Psychology prepares you for a career as a scientist practitioner in the mental health field. Youll learn to develop cutting-edge interventions and strategies to ensure that people stay healthy throughout their career.

See the whole programme Master Forensica, Criminologie en Rechtspleging See the whole programme Master Health Professions Education EN See the whole programme Master of Medicine See the whole programme Media Studies: Digital Cultures EN The masters programme Media Studies: Digital Cultures. Credits: 120 ects, languages: German, English, time required: Full time, type of study: On-campus study. Accommodation Its not easy to find a place to live in Munich but its not impossible either! Winter and summer semester, application deadline 31 May for the following winter semester (national and international applicants) 30 November for the following summer semester (national and international applicants). See the whole programme Human Decision Science EN Human Decision Science is a multidisciplinary master's programme that combines insights from both psychology and economics. And would you like to learn how to best treat, diagnose and manage different disorders? See the whole programme, digital Business and Economics,. See the whole programme Globalisation and Development Studies EN The masters programme in Globalisation Development Studies focuses on how globalisation dynamics affect developing areas.

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